Firefighter Employment

Fire Fighter Employment

Major fire departments include several divisions to divide the responsibilities needed to effectively combat fires. One of these groups, the fire prevention division, often consists of more senior fire fighters who for whatever reason no longer wish to or are incapable of manning the front lines. By no means is this a suggestion that their work is not as important, simply that their duties are different from those commonly pictured by civilians when they imagine a fire captain and crew. This division also includes inspectors, who visit locations, especially business and commercial, in order to make certain that safety rules and regulations are enforced. The also coordinate with the construction of new buildings and ensure they are within city code standards.

Fire inspectors also visit the scene both during and after the fire has been extinguished for a variety of jobs. Their chief task is determining what the cause of the fire was and whether or not there are criminal or neglegent factors at work. In the event of arson, law enforcement will also take over and assist with the investigation. This sort of work will include interviewing eyewitnesses, examination of evidence, written and verbal reports and possible testimony in front of a judge or jury as an expert witness.

Firefighting Training