Forest Firefightering

Forest Fire Fighting

Forest fire fighters are an all together different kind of firefighter. They have various responsibilities including acting as smokejumpers and spotters depending on the size and scale of the blaze which they are combatting. Spotters are a specialized group of fire fighters who are in a sense the recon of the emergency response team. They may travel on foot, by horse, motorized vehicle such as an ATV, or even helicopter. Some also are strategically positioned in watch towers. A unique challenge of this kind of firefighting is the limited access to water. For this reason, many helicopter and airplane pilots also contribute to rural fire squads, where by means of their aviation they can drop water or chemicals to help stop the spread of th inferno.

Almost all forest fire fighters will carry an axe or other equipment like a heat shield for their own protection. Through the careful use of trenches and clearing, a fire crew can deprive the blaze of tinder which in turn limits the damage. Part of being an expert firefirefighter means knowing how to plan and where to place the fire breaks. Weather is also of prime consideration in forest fires, as a sudden turn in wind direction can end up leading to the fire leaping across boundaries and engulfing new terrain.

Firefighting Training