Firefighter Duties

Fire Fighter Job Duties

The number one duty of a firefighter is to protect the public against fires and other emergencies. Each day countless dollars worth of property, and more importantly, irreplaceable lives are lost to the tragedy of uncontrolled fires. However, the job of a firefighter extends just beyond the popular conception. As paramedics, they also save countless lives in other situations - everything from heart attacks from smoke inhalation to chest compressions from someone knocked out in a collapsed burning building. For these reasons, the job is much more than knowing where to point a fire hose to extinguish a blaze.

When a firefighter is on duty, the individual must be ready at all times. If anything, the nights can be far more daunting than daylight when people are quicker to observe and report any unusual happenings. Added to that, a normal shift can be twenty-four hours rather than nine-to-five and thus being in a constant ready state is absolutely vital to defending the public. Responding to the call requires all members of the fire team to act in concert to achieve maximum efficiency. In doing so, the firefighters stand the best chance of performing their job duties at the highest potential possible.

Firefighting Training