Firefighter Jobs

Fire Fighter Jobs

As a firefighter, most of your hiring will be done by the government. This may mean city, state or federal service but generally the local fire house or department is run by the city or township in which it resides. While it is a very different occupation from most government jobs, there are some similarities and some significant positives as well. For one thing, it generally means a solid income and the opportunity for an increase in salary for loyalty and years served. Additionally good benefits are often available, and considering on where one is employed there are unions that create more opportunities for the firefighters who are members. Of course, this is offset by the long hours and grave dangers that firefighters must often face.

In order to land a firefighting job, one needs to pass a series of strenuous tests not just limited to writing or physical feats of strength. There will be thorough psychiatric exams, drug screenings, physical examinations and written tests to pass. No doubt those who have looked into the application process realize that the demands placed upon potential firefighter recruits are extreme, and they are made moreso by the intense competion to become one of these modern day heros. Ultimately however, the old adage about what you get out of it is what you put into it rings true and you will find no better profession than the job of a firefighter.

Firefighting Training