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Firefighter Entry at Wikipedia

Firefighter Entry at Bureau of Labor Statistics

Fire Safety Advice Center

Firefighter Charities at

New Jersey Firefighting The New Jersey Firefighters' Network.

Firefighter Photography and Video

Smoke Showing Photography is Scott LaPrade's fantastic firefighting photography site dedicated to his father, Keith E. LaPrade, Jr.

Fire Line Video has an amazing collection of firefighter DVDs available which highlight the FDNY at work.

Firefighter and Related Blogs

Big Sur Kate is a great read on life in the wilds of Big Sur including wild land fires in nearby counties.

Siren Voices is an amazing blog written by Spence, an EMT in the UK. An online community and resources for wives and families of firefighters.

Journey to Firefighter Becoming a firefighter is a long and challenging process, and it's one that is accomplished by thousands of people every year. Journey To Firefighter is a California focused guide to doing it right the first time.

Firefighter Paramedic Stories is a great blog with stories and experiences from a firefighter/paramedic in California.

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