Fire Fighter Requirements

Firefighter Requirements and Qualifications

There are a number of basic requirements needed to be met by all potential firefighter recruits. For starters, candidates must be at least eighteen years of age, pass a written exam, a basic health physical screening as well as a drug test and a series of physical challenges to measure fitness. As you may already be aware, these standards must be maintained throughout one's career as a fire fighter so mental and physical prowess will remain a basic tenet.

A psychological makeup is also important to the potential recruit. A firefighter must always keep a cool head and be able to maintain their senses under all manner of mental and physical pressures. Good judgment and quick decision making are also key for the candidate. Senior fire fighters must also be able to command respect and have good leadership skills for the younger and lower ranking members under their command. Together, these qualities and skills allow the firefighting team to perform at peak efficiency.

Firefighting Training