Firefighter Responsibilities

Fire Fighter Responsibilities and Duties

When one thinks of a firefighter, naturally the first mental picture is one of a fire fighter, armed with hose and axe, water spraying against the singing flames. In reality, most of a firefighter's time is spent in other activities. While that might be the most important component of the job, the preparation for such a monumental task is not an easy one. There is a great deal of conditioning to go through, not only in terms of mental acuity but also through physical endurance challenges. It is also an important component of any fire house schedule to allow adequate time off to recover so that errors on the job both from physical exhaustion and fatigue are minimized.

The physical and mental condition are but two components of the overall firefighter. Without proper equipment, one would not stand a chance against the most formidable infernos. As such, it is imperative to have one's tools in peak condition. Everything from the axe to the fire engine itself must be checked before it becomes of lifesaving importance. So, if one is considering the profession of firefighting as a career, a great deal of patience is required. The job is not glamour, it is about rote practice, testing, cleaning, and maintenance. Regardless of this, there is no job more meaningful or noble, so do not be discouraged. It is all about dedication - lives are depending on it.

Firefighting Training