Firefighter Roles

Fire Fighter Roles

The role of a firefighter varies widely depending on the type of department an individual is in and what the situation entails. In some instances, a fire fighter will be required to carry hoses, while others may be responsible for the initial connections to a water supply such as a hydrant. Others will be tasked with search and rescue, or entering a building to ensure it is structurally sound for those coming next. Others in command may study floor plans and give orders to entry teams. In rural areas or when facing a forest fire, more specialized roles exist such as those who dig trenches, pile sandbags, clear brush or even the famous smoke jumpers who risk even more than the average firefighter.

In addition to firefighting training and medical skills, some also need training on hazardous materials, especially when dealing with industrial accidents or other dangerous situations. In instances such as these generally speaking the more one knows about his surroundings the better of he will be. Having said that, in some cases specialized firemen are needed to be brought in when chemical spills are on such a scale that the local department is incapable of completely overcoming the challenge.

Firefighting Training