Firefighter Salary and Wages

Fire Fighter Salary and Wages

According the Federal Bureau of Labor Statistics, there are approximately three hundred and fifty thousand firefighting related jobs in the US. The vast majority of those positions, upwards of three hundred thousand, are held by fire fighters with the rest of the jobs consisting of prevention specialists as well as human resources, managers and paid administrators. The national fire administration reports that almost seventy-five percent of all American firefighters serve in a volunteer capacity. Many of these volunteers are in rural areas which do not have a full department in their local region. Of employeed fire fighters, approximately ninety percent work for the government in a city, state, or federal / military capacity. Additionally much like private security firms there are a small number of privatized firefighting companies.

Future prospects for firefighters are expected to be positive but competition for the best jobs will continue to be intense. As population expands there will always been a need for fire support services regardless of any other factors. Salary and wages are expected to remain stable and at their current level adjusting for inflation. The average wages vary from around forty-eight thousand dollars per year for an engineer all the way up to seventy-eight thousand for an introductory fire chief. Salaries also vary considerably depending on what region of the country one is in and what the cost of living there entails. Regardless of the pay, a career as firefighter is one of the best and most exciting jobs one could ever wish for.

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